Personai complete genome testing - each person needs a human instruction.
Genetic testing - breaking the shackles of life and revealing human secrets
DNA determines your innate metabolic capacity, type of body system, disease risk,
Even personality traits, through genetic testing, are like holding a life handbook
It can help you understand your unique self!

Product package

The flagship version of comprehensive test of individual genome - enjoy personalized whole-genome sequencing service
Activity blast price: 80000 GENES

Whole genome sequencing is the process of using a new generation of high-throughput DNA sequencing instrument to sequence the whole genome of an individual with a coverage rate of more than 30 times, and then comparing it with the accurate map of the human genome to obtain the complete whole genome sequence of an individual and decipher all the genetic information of an individual.

Complete Examination Of Individual Genomes
  • Ancestral Source Analysis
  • 7 items
  • Sports Genes
  • 17 items
  • Nutrition Metabolism
  • 9 items
  • Health Risks
  • 108 items
  • Hereditary Diseases
  • 59 items
  • Drug Guidelines
  • 14 items
  • Genetic Characteristics
  • 14 items
  • Skin Characteristics
  • 8 items
  • Product features
  • Authoritative data delivery
  • Exclusive storage device delivery
  • Accurate interpretation of instructions
  • Secure data protection
  • Professional data guidance
  • Service process
    Online consultation purchase
    Collection of individual gene samples
    Professional testing
    Check the report
    Authoritative interpretation
    Personal health data management
    About us
    GeneBank is a company that provides consumer sequencing services to Chinese people to help them understand and benefit from their genome data. Our main services now include genomic data detection and analysis, personalized health consultation, and genomic medicine. In the future, we will work with hospitals, colleges, research institutes and more partners to make genomic data available to every Chinese.
    Authoritative qualification
    GeneBank has a full set of qualifications for gene physical examination, and the laboratory has passed CNAS certification (global recognition). GeneBank is selected to avoid worries about regular detection.
    Advanced technology
    Chinese academy of sciences and bgi latest technology research and transformation results, 10 years of industry experience, more professional trust.
    GeneBank has built 28 qualified laboratories across the country, covering major large and medium-sized cities, leading the detection efficiency industry.
    Advanced genetic databases
    GeneBank has the first-class detection equipment, adopts the highly sensitive capture method and the fine experiment method, has established the world-class biological information data center at present, through the cooperation with hospitals and colleges and universities, jointly promotes the gene domain analysis and research, and constantly improves the Chinese gene big data.

    The necessity of genetic testing

    Human instructions

    Through genetic examination, we can understand our genetic background and obtain personalized health consultation and management services, so as to know, prevent and treat diseases as early as possible, so as to reduce, delay and avoid diseases that should have occurred, so as to improve the quality of life.

    Disease prevention

    Modern medicine believes that diseases are caused by the combination of congenital genetic temperament and acquired external factors. At the same time, external mutagenic factors (environment, climate, diet, etc.) can also lead to genetic mutations. To detect the genotype of healthy population, and to provide life guidance to the examinee, to avoid the occurrence of disease.

    Health management

    Through genetic testing, know that they have a convenient disease susceptibility genes, can actively improve the environment and living habits, do their own health management.

    Personalized medical service

    Through genetic testing, we are prompted which drugs should be used with caution, not only greatly reduce unnecessary medical expenses, improve the efficacy, but also avoid greater harm to the human body.

    Understanding genetic traits

    Understand genetic gifts and traits, develop strengths while avoiding weaknesses, and guide the cultivation of self and the next generation.

    Applicable people

    Focus on health management population, busy business people, focus on genetic disease population, interpret more project population.
  • China Launches the 100,000 Genome Project
  • A World Record One Minute Decoding Gene
  • Differences between genetic testing and routine testing

    Genetic testing
    Conventional detection
    Test range
    Except for injuries and all diseases
    The pathological changes of local tissues and organs were analyzed
    Appropriate crowd
    All the crowd
    People who are already sick or have symptoms
    Testing way
    You can test it at home
    To the hospital test, need to make an appointment
    Test characteristics
    Prophet prevention, proactive and forward-looking
    Post-treatment was dominant, passive and delayed
    Get information
    Susceptibility to disease, genetic characteristics of individuals, and safe drug use
    The current condition of the body
    Early disease is difficult to detect and the rate of missed detection is high
    Test frequency
    Life at a time
    Once a year/more than once a year
    Preventive medicine
    Clinical medicine
    A small amount of saliva or blood can be detected
    B ultrasound, X-ray, CT, mri, pathological sections, laboratory tests, etc

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